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How the Washington Justice’s new facility brings fans closer to the team

Jessica Scharnagle

The Washington Justice practice facility is more than just a place for the players. With a team store and a space to host watch parties, it’s offering a way for fans to get closer to the team.Read More
Mitch Reames | June 15, 2021

10 years of Twitch: Early streaming pioneers

In the second of Nerd Street’s series of articles celebrating the first 10 years of Twitch, we look back on the early streaming pioneers like LIRIK and Destiny who helped build the platform we know today.

Nerd Street Gamers | June 15, 2021

Nerd Street Gamers Selected by Mavix Gaming Chairs as its First-Ever Esports Partner

Exclusive chair partnership to include unique influencer events, and outfit all Localhost locations across the country

Andrew Kulp | June 14, 2021

7 Xbox exclusives announced at E3 we’re most excited about

At E3, Microsoft showed off over 30 games coming to Xbox. Here are the seven exclusives we’re most excited about.

Jessica Scharnagle | June 14, 2021

Shanghai Dragons finally beat Dallas Fuel, win June Joust

In a rematch of the May Melee grand final, the Shanghai Dragons beat the Dallas Fuel for the first time in four tries and won the second tournament of the Overwatch League season.

Andrew Kulp | June 13, 2021

How The Peeps leveled up after signing with FaZe in Rocket League

Getting signed by FaZe Clan meant better gaming chairs but also more exposure and support for the members of the Rocket League team formerly known as The Peeps.

Mitch Reames | June 11, 2021

Average Jonas explains value of co-streams for VALORANT

With co-streaming becoming more common, VALORANT Masters co-streamer Average Jonas explained to Nerd Street how watching a smaller co-stream of a big esports event can be a better experience.

Brian Bencomo | June 10, 2021

Here are the top events to watch this weekend in esports

The Overwatch League’s June Joust tournament concludes this weekend, and Stage 4 of the Call of Duty League wraps up. It’s not esports, but E3 takes place this weekend too!

Xander Torres | June 10, 2021

Jenkins discusses how ‘surprised’ he was to get called up by Team Liquid

Jenkins was surprised to get the call to play for Team Liquid last weekend, but after making his way up from the amateur level and competing against players from China and Korea, he was ready.

Nerd Street Gamers | June 10, 2021

Nerd Street Partners with Razer for the VALORANT Summer Championships, named as the Official Presenting Sponsor

Razer will sponsor Nerd Street’s Summer Championships and monthly qualifiers for VALORANT – a free-to-play hero shooter game.

Jessica Scharnagle | June 9, 2021

How Overwatch cross-play will work for PC and console players

Cross-play is finally coming to Overwatch! Here’s everything you need to know about how it will work.

Jessica Scharnagle | June 9, 2021

Outlaws’ Jake discusses return to pro play, what’s next for him

After casting for a year, Jake returned to pro play with the Outlaws this season as a player-coach. He talked to Nerd Street about his new role and what’s next for him in his career development.

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