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Monday Jun 07, 2021 -

Friday Jul 23, 2021

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Stuck indoors this summer and looking for something fun to do? Nerd Street Gamers has got you covered! Camp Localhost is once again offering online virtual summer camps to gamers ages 13+. These camps run over Discord, and the games featured include VALORANT, Overwatch, Rocket League, and League of Legends. In addition to scrimmages, online play, and VOD reviews, campers will participate in Q&A's with industry experts to learn about the different career paths available in esports. Campers will also be involved in out-of-game activities focused on leadership, communication, team building, and more!  

Camp Philosophy

Camp staff work to create a stimulating and fun experience in a virtual environment where campers learn valuable life skills through video games. Each day is full of scrimmages and VOD reviews where campers are continually challenged to push their abilities to the next level. Whether the camper is a hard-core gamer or casual player, our virtual camps have got you covered!

Available Camp Dates, Times, and Games:

Parents/guardians may sign up their camper for one or multiple of the camp weeks below. Each camp runs Monday through Friday from 12:30pm - 5:00pm EST which includes a 30 minute meal break in the middle of the day.

June 14 - 18 | VALORANT, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League
June 21 - 25 | League of Legends, Rocket League
June 28 - 2 | VALORANT, Overwatch, Rocket League
July 12 - 16 | VALORANT

Camp Expectations

Here is what you can expect during your time at camp:

  • Camps are a curated, social experience led by professional coaches and staff.
  • Each camp week is built for specific ranges of ranks. Campers may sign up for any week, but each week is catered towards a specific skill range.  
  • Our professional coaches are ranked at the top of their respective game (equivalent to Grand Master and above).
  • Our coaches are qualified to assist campers regardless of their ranking. Campers do not need a minimum level of play to participate.
  • Campers must have access to the game they sign up for in addition to online play.
  • Each day campers take part in out-of-game activities focusing on skills such as team building, communication, leadership, and critical thinking.
  • Industry experts from the esports world join periodically throughout the week to participate in Q&A’s and scrimmages with the campers.
  • Everyone at camp is there to have fun and learn in a safe environment. There will be competitions and tournaments, but winning ranked matches is not the sole focus. 

Game Platforms

Camps will be held on the following platforms:

Overwatch - PC
League of Legends - PC
Rocket League - PC, Xbox, Playstation, Switch

Camp Pricing

$150 per week

Camp Staff

Valorant - Jon Reineke (Coach Kobalt)

Jon is a student at the University of Minnesota studying computer science. He has loved to play games casually and competitively for years and has an extensive background in FPS titles such as Counter Strike and Overwatch. Jon competes as an Immortal 3 player in Valorant for the University of Minnesota in the Collegiate Valorant Conference.

Overwatch - Nick Germain (Coach Momboom)

Nick started coaching with LoL (League of Legends) as a high Diamond (top 1%) player, and is currently a coach for Valorant and Overwatch. Nick is a Grandmaster/T500 Support player in Overwatch, and has played the game since release. He has always been an IGL (In-game leader) and focuses on communication as a result. Currently, Nick is attending Temple University working towards a degree as part of the Fox Business School.

Overwatch - Jumaani Haskins (Coach Maestro)

A Philadelphia native mixing it up in the city's gaming scene for nearly a decade, Jumaani's background as an anthropologist and competitive player gives him a unique perspective on the greater esports community. Having run Overwatch bootcamps in Philadelphia for a number of years, Jumaani is excited to join the online coaching world!
Perhaps best known for his work in the Fighting Game Competitor (FGC) as a competitor, commentator, and research writer; his other realms include online First Person Shooters (FPS), and open-world sandbox games. Jumaani also works in community advocacy as a diversity and inclusion alumni advisor in collegiate esports. When he's not coaching campers or doing combos, you'll find him collecting sneakers, cooking up new recipes and brewing tea!

League of Legends - Luke Maake (Coach luke)

Luke has been playing League for nine years ever since season 2. Throughout his career, Luke has climbed to the top 300 players in two separate seasons. Currently, Luke is a Grandmaster as main support, but has experience in every role. As a consequence of maining support, Luke is a very macro-minded player with a strong sense of what to focus on in all stages of the game. Luke currently attends Princeton University as a Computer Science major.

Rocket League - Nicholas Silich (Coach Phat)

Nick is a mechanical engineering major at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Gaming has always been a hobby of his, starting with titles such as Runescape and Call of Duty. Nick has been playing Rocket League since the game released, and has been playing competitively for the past two years. Nick is a Supersonic Legend Division I player, and competes with the Golden Gophers in CRL (Collegiate Rocket League).

Camper Code of Conduct

Click here to read through the camper code of conduct.


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VALORANT, League of Legends, and Overwatch are rated T for Teen by the ESRB.
Rocket League is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.


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